Carbon ribbons are on rolls and are fitted onto a spindle or reel holder within the printer. The used ribbon is rewound by a take-up spindle forming a roll of ‘used’ ribbon. It is termed a ‘one-trip’ ribbon because once it has been rewound the used roll is discarded and replaced with a new one. If one were to hold a strip of used carbon ribbon up to the light one would see an exact negative of the images that have been printed. The main benefit of using a one-trip thermal transfer ribbon is that providing the correct settings are applied prior to printing, an 100% density of printed image is guaranteed; compare this with a pre-inked ribbon on a dot matrix impact printer ribbon which gradually fades with usage.


  • All of our thermal transfer ribbons meet or exceed OEM performance specifications and are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Low energy requirements reduce print head wear
  • Over 200 standard sizes in inventory available to ship the same or the next business day!
  • A complete line of wax, wax/resin, colors, and specialty thermal transfer ribbon formulations is available
  • UL, FDA (indirect food contact), AGA, and CGA approved ribbons
  • We offer kitting of your thermal transfer labels and ribbons for efficiency and ease of use
  • Paper film, and tag material
  • 24-hour shipment
  • Kitting of your thermal transfer label and ribbon for efficiency and ease of use.