Cling Z

ClingZ® is a patented, electrically-charged, printable polypropylene film. This film clings to virtually any clean, dry indoor surface without leaving a residue. ClingZ® Flexo is a 2.4 mil white or a 2.0 mil clear film on rolls with these features:

Glides over any surface making placement, positioning, repositioning and removal a snap.
Clings on either the printed or unprinted side for up to six months.
Easy to write on with dry erase marker or washable crayons.
With the ClingZ® Film Charger, you can recharge or enhance the charge of your printed piece, before or after it’s applied to a surface, to give it the longest lasting hold. The ClingZ® Film Charger is a battery-operated handheld device that’s easy to use.

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